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It’s really unfortunate for us that our lungs are in danger because of deadly SARS cov-2 (coronavirus). Due to this pandemic everyone is taking care of their health and cautious about their wellbeing. We are enough concerned about ourselves but what about the lungs of earth?

Amazon rainforest is considered to be the lungs of earth due to immense contribution to the earth as whole. It provides 20% of the oxygen. Rainforest are dense forest and rich in resources like timber and hardwood. One of the largest forest for carbon sequesteration and considered as natural carbon sink. This slows down the impact of climate change.

In 2020 amazon rainforest is suffering its worst fires in a decade. Amazon Rainforest in Brazil stretches from Atlantic in the east to Andes Mountains in the west. 60% of the Amazon forest lies in the Brazil alone.

Consequently, The Amazon forest are getting devastated every year but this year it is the worst. More than 75000 fires have erupted. In the amazon since the year started. Fires in this area have increased by 13% in the first 9 month in comparison to last year.

As a result of these fires the life and lungs of both the individuals and earth is in Danger. There are many causes of these fires. Some may be classified as natural and others are Anthropogenic (manmade).

Natural causes

One of the biggest causes of natural forest fires is lightning. Lightning in places of dry vegetation causes a fire. These fires mostly occur in remote locations away from human presence. In some cases, volcanic activities lead to fires. With the advancement of technology, these types of fires are predicted well in advance and firefighters create a buffer zone to manage the fires. Apart from these, forest fires also occur due to spontaneous combustion of dry vegetation. In the tropical region north Atlantic ocean pulling the moisture away from South America.

Anthropogenic cause (manmade)

Manmade reasons included the deforestation at such large scale for timber and hardwood. Manmade reasons are unending loop. The deforestation done by man are eventually leading to the fires, those fires are burning the virgin forests making the forests more and more prone to fires.

TOPSHOT – View of burnt areas of the Amazon rainforest, near Abuna, Rondonia state, Brazil, on August 24, 2019.

Measures taken by Brazilian government

  • Last year, Brazilian Prime minister took a decisive steps. He calls for 60-day ban on the setting of fires in the Brazilian Amazon. 
  • Law Making body has set up a body for inquiring into the causes for forest fire.

But the matter of concern is the halfhearted approach of Brazilian government to mitigate the forest fire. Present leadership is not so concerned about the climate impact and the loss of biodiversity rather than just capitalist agenda and profit motive.

Response of global community

  • European Union and other big groupings like G20 are trying to mitigate the forest fires. But the political will is nowhere from the Brazilian side.
  • There must be burn ban to control and prevent the fire.
  • It must be treated as protected zone where state will regulate the activities.
  • Burning of wood and timber should take place within the permit zone and the safe distance.

Our tribes are getting affected due to this. Large animals like Jaguars and Puma might escape but the slow moving animals animals like rabits, deers, elephants etc. will eventually die.

We could lend a helping hand in saving our environment. Reduce the use of paper and wood. This eliminate the habits which in any way harms the environment. Lets join our hands to whatever it takes to save the earth at individual levels.

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